1: Project/bot development

Before starting this project, we had developed some useful bots for ourselves to use on a daily journey to hunt gems and trading coins. We upgraded our bots, built a little branding for it, and defined our mission: "To develop the best coin trading assistant ever, right on your $POCKET". Some deliverables:
  • Telegram bot POC
  • Socials (Twitter/Telegram)
  • Roadmap/Documentation
  • Website

2: Launching $POCKET

With all deliverables ready and a plan settled, now it's time to onboard chads to the product/community and launch our Token. During this launch phase, our bot will be available to everybody. We want to show our working product, build trust in our community, and increase our number of holders. In this phase we will also do marketing efforts focusing on onboarding the right holders to our community. As a general goal for this phase we want:
  • 200 Holders.

3: Token Gate + $POCKET DAO

After initial community formed, we will start the phase 2 of our product. Our main mission here is to form a DAO, where holders can propose and vote into new functions/tools for the project. Product will be token gated to use, and our idea is to develop custom tools to our holders as soon as it is voted and approved in our DAO.
Phase Goals:
  • 1000 Holders
  • +10 Tools delivered to the community
  • Holders community/DAO fully functional
  • Product rebrand (by professionals this time hahaha)
  • CEX Listings
  • Revenue Share to our holders (Source ATM: taxes)

4: Public tools + Ads revenue stream

At some point we will start proposing on our DAO to make some non token gated tools. Lets pick some public tools on the market i.e. Proficy Price Bot, Chatter Shield, Otto Sim, etc. All those tools are commonly used in Alpha groups, Coin chats, etc and they generate revenue displaying ads on their free products like this ad below.
(example only) Public tools will not only generate revenue for the holders, but will also bring visibility to our project, onboarding new potential holders and chads toour community.
Phase Goals:
  • 1 Public tool by EOY
  • 10 tier 1 groups using our free tool
  • 2000 Holders by EOY
That is our plan, the road to our goals. After beating actual goals, we build new goals.