Pocket Watcher Features

How I'm gonna be more profitable?

We have developed some pre-launch features that are LIVE on our bot

First of all, you can access our bot at this link and feel free to test those initial features during the launch week. After launching, all features will be token-gated.

1: Heatmap

Simply type /heatmap OR comment on an Ethereum mainnet live contract on our bot, and the Snipers Heatmap will be generated. You can see an example in the image below:
On this function, you will be able see information about the first coin holders and some basic token infos that we like to take a look before purchasing, like if it's renounced, for how long the liquidity is locked, market cap, etc. We are currently tracking the 60 first purchases of a coin and classifying them as "Snipers".

2 - Pre-approves + snipers targeting

If you paste a CA on our bot and this token is doployed but not launched, you will trigger this function. Here you will be able to see how many wallets are aiming for this drop using Banana Gun Sniper bot and how many pre-approvals to trade have already been sent to the contract. The image below shows you a preview of our tool:
This function is useful if you are a contract watchoor, and are looking for hyped coins to snipe.

3 - Fresh Wallets

The rules are simple, is a lot of fresh wallets (filter used: <10 nounces wallets) are purchasing a token, or it is a rug, or there is some kinda of inside info going on. So we like to ape coins where the volume is popping and fresh wallets are there. Here you can see an example of this feature:

4 - Analyze

Are you the kind of trader who likes to track a lot of alpha wallets? If so, you already know that Alpha Wallets are seasonal, and there is nothing better than tracking the best-performing wallets in the actual; meta. With this feature, you can find the top profiters between 2 CAs in seconds.
Using this with DeBank will certainly help you find gem hunters on-chain.

5 - What is coming?

It is important to point out that those are only the initial features of our project. After $POCKET DAO settlement, we will develop tailored tools for our community. Check out more about that on our Roadmap.